20 Fantastic Pictures of Jellyfish

Jellyfish have a surreal type of beauty, but they’re not the easiest creatures to photograph. You must either swim among them underwater or through crowds of kids at an aquarium. In both cases, you have to be patient and hope for a great shot.

Black and White Jellyfish

Jellyfish No. 9 by Alice Yeung


Jelly #1 by AliciaBock


Jellyfish by ChristinaGeorgePhoto

Jellyfish Floating black and white

Jellyfish B&W by SquirrelPhoto


Jellyfish by NBphotostream

Glowing jellyfish

Glowing jellyfish by TaoLight

Pink Jellyfish

Pink Jellyfish by Christy Elle

jellyfish Underwater Silence

Underwater Silence by JKphotography

Floating Jellyfish

Floating Jellyfish by ChristinaGeorgePhoto


Jellyfish by KunzmanPhotography

Drifting Through Time and Space jellyfish

Drifting Through Time and Space by Julie Shiel

white Jellyfish

Jellyfish 3 by ChristinaGeorgePhoto


Jellyfish by SevenElevenStudios


‘Oh, Jellys!’ by Sandra Proudman


Floating by ara133photography


Jelly – fish by GRPhotography

Black Jelly Fish

Black Jelly Fish by Dayne Pillow

white jellyfish

The Life Aquatic by Irene Suchocki


Underwater Flames by Deborah Yun


Jellyfish by Ron Reiring

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  1. Sandra Proudman

    I love jellyfish! Thanks so much for including my photo print in your collection & for sharing such great work for me to find inspiration from!


    Sandra P. :]

  2. Deborah Yun

    Beautiful collection of jellyfish photos, they certainly do have a surreal kind of beauty, enchanting really!

  3. amy of ara133photography

    These are all amazing!! Thank you so much for including us on your fabulous blog! :)

  4. Ashley

    Thank you so much for featuring my jellyfish. You did a wonderful job picking out such great photographs for your piece. I adore jellyfish photography. Thank you so much.


  5. Sugiharto Muhammad

    Good pictures & I love It , Beautyfull

  6. sugiharto muhammad

    Good photograph. Good jelly fish

  7. Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin

    There’s actually a trick to photographing jellyfish. You need a good strong side light, then they light up like a Christmas tree decoration. If you photograph them with light from above or in front they wash out almost completely, particularly the ones that are more transparent. Backlighting can be good in some cases. But the best will always be side light with a dark background. Look at the photos on my website… almost all were taken this way.

    Great photos, by the way!


    very Beautiful collection of jellyfish photos and nice thing for knowledge and natures creations know how.

  9. freya

    these are really glowing.

  10. Lisa Wood

    This makes my heart pound. They are such beautiful creatures!

  11. claudio adrian natoli michile

    beautiful work….

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