20 Fascinating Pictures of Moss

Moss likes to grow on trees, just as much as it likes to grow on the ground, which makes forests their main environment. You’ll also find a lot of moss growing around waterfalls and on rocks near water and other moist places. These two areas covered in a blanket of moss, make for a beautiful and enchanting photo opportunity.

Moss 1

African perspective by Sergio Tudela Romero

Moss 2

Hard green shell by Sergio Tudela Romero

Moss 3

The Greenhouse Effect by Ian Sane

Moss 4

Butte Creek by Ian Sane

Moss 5

My veins by Sergio Tudela Romero

Moss 6

Olympic National Park – Maple Glade Trail by rachel_thecat

Moss 7

Fall Creek by Nicholas A. Tonelli

Moss 8

Spring Runoff by Ian Sane

Moss 9

Contentment by Ian Sane

Moss 10

Channels by Sergio Tudela Romero

Moss 11

Blow Sky by Sergio Tudela Romero

Moss 12

Fluid Corrugation by Ian Sane

Moss 13

Rocks, Moss, & Water by Martin Cathrae

Moss 14

V.P. by Daniel Zedda

Moss 15

Image by Paul Stocker

Moss 16

Emerald Forest – HDR by Nicolas Raymond

Moss 17

Nature’s Sprawl by the_tahoe_guy

Moss 18

Fábrica de armas Eugi by Raúl A.-

Moss 19

Grey & Green by Chad McDonald

Moss 20

Mossy Meditations by Ian Sane

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