20 Fun Pictures of Cats and Dogs Wearing Glasses

Making pets do silly things can seem cruel, until you’re a pet-owner yourself. Then, it’s almost irresistible. Putting glasses on a dog or cat, for example, can make them seem more intelligent–like a superior species being patient with humans–or just make them look twice as goofy. Fortunately for photographers, if glasses won’t stay on the pet’s nose, there’s always Photoshop.

dog wearing glasses

In Deep Thought by Bethany Helzer

Black and White Photography, Cat wearing glasses

Cat wearing glasses by Hoyt Ramey

Chihuahua Impersonating Groucho Marx

Chihuahua Impersonating Groucho Marx by Hope Harris

Cat in Glasses

Cat in Glasses 2 by Robin Sharp

Sophisticated Dog Boxer

Sophisticated Dog by Melanie Ann

Norwich Terrier Reads Book

Norwich Terrier Reads Book by Susan Stone

cat wearing glasses

Go Ahead, Laugh. by Morgan

Wee Westie with Glasses

Wee Westie with Glasses by Randy Robertson

A cat is posed seated on a chair in front of another cat operating a camera.

A cat is posed seated on a chair in front of another cat operating a camera. via Beverly & Pack

Cute Baby Dog

Cute Baby Dog by Matthias

Smarty cat out takes.

Smarty cat out takes. by Jessica F.

Dog wearing sunglasses

The devil’s own… by eleni boulasiki

dog wearing glasses

Rio by Found Animals Foundation

cat wearing glasses

Max by Found Animals Foundation

dog wearing sunglasses

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 25 by aussiegal

Dogs and Glasses

Dogs and Glasses by Kurtis Garbutt

dog wearing sunglasses

Image by tonnerrrrr

dog wearing glasses

Rose coloured glasses by TheGiantVermin

dog wearing glasses

Thank God My Dog Cant Talk by Delane Ash

Cool Puppy wearing sunglasses

Cool Puppy by zhouxuan12345678

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