20 Great Pictures of Baseball Fields

Baseball season will be beginning soon, and if you get a chance to attend a game, you’ll have plenty of time to practice taking pictures while waiting for the innings to begin, the pitcher to throw the ball, the batter to walk to the plate…  Between all the excitement, there’s a lot of waiting in baseball. It’s perfect for photographers, who can get great shots without ever missing the action.

Wrigley Field, Chicago

Wrigley Field, Chicago by Ron Gould

Field of Dreams: Crystal Lake, IL

Field of Dreams by Jessica Tumminello

Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs by L.E.P. Photography

 Boston Red Sox Fenway Park

America’s Most Beloved Ballpark by Stefanie Poteet

Go Cubs Go baseball field

Go Cubs Go by Justin Winget


baseball field

dirt by lee

Misty Fall Baseball Field

Misty Fall Baseball by Jackie

baseball field

Baseball Off Season Solitude by TheBusyBrain

baseball field pitcher

Man on the Mound by Matt McGee

pnc park baseball field

pnc park by Ginny

Nationals Vs. Dodgers baseball field

Nationals Vs. Dodgers by JoshuaDavisPhotography

Homerun Swing baseball field

Homerun Swing by Rich Anderson

Safeco Field Fisheye

Safeco Field Fisheye by ArtBrom

Citi Field Mets vs. Giants

CitiField (Mets vs. Giants) by Randy Lemoine

baseball field

Lets Play Ball! by Zach Dischner

Coors Baseball Field

Coors Field by Kari

Wrigley Baseball Field

Wrigley Field by vonderauvisuals

Ode to the game - Cleveland Baseball

Ode to the game – Cleveland Baseball by joiseyshowaa

Mile High View baseball field

Mile High View by Bryce Edwards

Amish Baseball Game

Amish Baseball Game by Bob Jagendorf

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Bob Souza

Great photogrphs of Baseball stadiums. Great ideas for my upcoming baseball trip.

Kevin J Fitzgerald

Baseball is such a beautiful game and lends itself to beautiful photography.
Thank you.

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