20 Great Pictures of Earth Globes

Since the advent of Google Earth, physical Earth globes have become more objects of beauty rather than necessity. Holding the Earth in your hands has a unique feeling that digital maps can’t give, and the game of spinning the globe and randomly pointing your finger at a place you’re going to live is still as fun as fifty years ago. Best of all, globes look great in pictures, especially in portraits and still life photos.

globe in hands

Whole World : Africa by Havilah Savage


One Day… by Victoria English Charm


on top of the world by Susannah Tucker


Old Industrial School Globe by Captain Cat

Old Globes

Old Globes by Jessica Nichols


Global by Bird And Bloke


Where We Are by Sarah Akers

globe typewriter rotary phone camera

do you remember by Susannah Tucker


Love Letter by Vie Sereine

globe black and white

The World In Black And White by Julie O’Dell

globe old camera

Old Camera by Captain Cat


The World is Waiting by Lisa Bonowicz

globe portrait

I Want to See the World by martinak15

world globe

on top of the world by Haylee Barsky

globe The Lost Traveler

The Lost Traveler by martinak15

globe portrait

you were born of water by Mysi Anne


‘I’s King of the World!!’ by Nomadic Lass

globe in hands

Day 42. by Amy Riddle

earth globe

Northern Lands by fdecomite

earth globe

i am small and the world is big by natur.echt

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K Purol

Fabulous posts and photographs. Nice collection here Stephanie.

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