20 Lovely Pictures of Lavender Fields

Lavender is so often infused into soap, perfume and candles that the flower itself can seem unusual, an oddity among familiar flowers like roses and sunflowers. The fact that lavender is consistently the same color might seem dull compared to colorful flowers like tulips, but homogeneity has a type of beauty, too. Stretched to the horizon, lavender fields have a similar majesty and elegance as the ocean, endless and unchanging for as far as you can see.

So Provence lavender field

So Provence by NakedEyePhoto

Luscious Smells lavender field

Luscious Smells by Audrey Cooper

Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields by Jarrod Castaing

Lavender Fields

Image by erosturannos

Peacefulness of Lavender fields

Peacefulness of Lavender by Lupen Grainne

Lavender field and rolling hills

Lavender field and rolling hills by NakedEyePhoto

Smell the Lavender fields

Smell the Lavender by Vincent_AF

Lavender Dreams butterfly

Lavender Dreams by aussiegal

Earth laughs in flowers lavender fields

Earth laughs in flowers by Rachel Sarai

Main Lavender Field Snowshill

Main Lavender Field Snowshill by Bob Cox Photography

Lavender fields

Lavender by K.Hurley

Lavender flower fields

Lavender by malkv

Lavender field

Lavender field by Nevalenx

Lavender Field - Clairmont Farms

Lavender Field – Clairmont Farms by Anita Ritenour

lavender fields

image by diane c lee

Lavender Field

Lavender Field by malkv

Lavender Dreams

Lavender Dreams by Ian Sane

lavender flowers

August 09, 2012 by La Flaf

lavender fields

image by diane c lee

Lavender fields

Lavender by K.Hurley

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