20 Nighttime City Pictures

As soon as the sun goes down the entire atmosphere of a city changes. More often than not this change is for the better. What was once an ugly collection of buildings is now a magical place of lights. An ideal place for a photographer to be.

Highway Insomnia by Brett Weinstein

浦西 Puxi (上海 Shanghai) by Jakob Montrasio

Shanghai | The Bund, Guang-ming Building by Nicholas Poon

Shibuya Night (HDR) by Guwashi999

Hibiya Night by Guwashi999

chinatown rush by Jes

Long Beach at night by Kevin Dooley

Port of Long Beach at night by Kevin Dooley

Manhattan Bridge HDR by See-ming Lee

The View by Ludovic Bertron

Summer Nights by Paul Sapiano

Bright Atlanta by Brett Weinstein

Khaju Bridge, Isfahan by Hamed Saber

Singapore Business district night view by Terence

city of lights by paul (dex)

suspended by paul (dex)

A Spooky Rendezvous by William Cho

stockholm night....LA HORA MÁGICA by Hector Melo A.

Jakarta Skyline Part 2 by yohanes budiyanto

Lumpini Park Lights by Mike Behnken

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Really Colorful blog..
I love this…


Really nice one,

Here is a night tiltshift I have make few months ago 😉


The light in the night shining twice times as bright
its sight within might is like ice but not quite
The passing of shone kite cars might curve delight
but like all insight darkness brings forth things right


i was in shanghai two weeks ago and i’d say its one of the best, if not the best, cities to photograph at night!

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