20 Outstanding School Bus Pictures

With their bright yellow shades, and large mirrors and lights, school buses have an endless list of things that help make them great photo subjects. Here’s 20 Outstanding pictures of school buses.


aisle by Alan Smythee

Autumn School Bus Nostalgia

Autumn School Bus Nostalgia by D. Sharon Pruitt

school bus

school bus by Phil Roeder

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus by Basheer Tome

Cold Storage

Cold Storage by Jim

It goes like this

It goes like this by Robb North

Country school bus route

Country school bus route by photogramma1


Cody by Ben Chau

alone on the school bus

alone on the school bus by woodleywonderworks

The real bus stop

The real bus stop by Dave

Red & Yellow

Red & Yellow by Andrew E. Larsen


per•spec•tive by Alan Smythee

objects in mirror...

objects in mirror... by doug wilson

A lot of school buses

A lot of school buses by Jan-Erik Finnberg

bus lane

bus lane by Andrew

School Buses

School Buses by Alex

after school special

after school special by doug wilson

Foggy Afternoon

Foggy Afternoon by Don O'Brien

school buses

school buses by Adam Lerner

The wheel on the bus

The wheel on the bus by Adrian Sampson

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Really nice selection of photos! Btw, in Argentina, where I live, school buses are orange not yellow, just curious as to why they choose one colour or the other for the same kind of transport! lol Same with taxis!



Nate Kay

Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

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