20 Pictures of Dogs Running in the Snow

Many Northerners have a love/hate relationship with snow; it arrives early in the winter, leaves late in the spring, and makes landscapes beautiful and treacherous at the same time. Many animals seem to share this love and hatred of snow. Dogs, for example, will bound through the snow with almost ridiculous enthusiasm, but they do eventually want to come indoors again to warm up. It’s best to grab your camera before their joy and energy runs out.

dog in snow

Hard at Play by Werwin15

dog in snow

Sometimes you just have to shut your eyes and run by Steve Walker

dog in snow

Bella by Bryce Bradford

Alex Snowscape by Andrew Morrell

Alex Snowscape by Andrew Morrell

dog in snow

Passo del Lupo by Roberto Ferrari

Running huskies

Running huskies by Tambako The Jaguar

dog in snow

Running through the cold snow by Aivaras Čiurlionis

dog in snow

Eyk in action by niki385434

runnign dogs in snow

2010 Iditarod – very determined dogs by Frank Kovalchek

Dog Running in the Snow

Dog Running in the Snow by Rennett Stowe

dog in snow

A dog is running home by Aivaras Čiurlionis

dog running in snow

‘Rosemary’s Second Snow’ 30 Days of Rosemary by PhotKing ♛

Dog Prancing in the snow

Prancing in the snow by Chris

dog in snow

Running dog in snow by Hanna Gustafsson

dog running in snow

Dog by David Nagy

dog running in snow

Asta running throw the snow // Asta im Schnee by Dominic Hallau

dog in snow

Jee, lunta! by smerikal

Snow Beagle

Snow Beagle by Marco Bellucci

snow dog

snowdogs by Andrew Morrell

Black Puppy on White Snow

Black Puppy on White Snow by Olgierd Rudak

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