20 Pictures of Loyal German Shepherds

German Shepherds are large dogs that originated in Germany in 1899, being bred for the specific purpose of sheep herding. Because of this, they are fierce and energetic, but always eager to please and a very loyal breed. They make great family pets because they are so loving, but willing to protect the ones they love whenever they are needed. This is why German Shepherds are commonly used for working dogs as well. Even though they are most commonly seen with their black and tan coats, they come in a range of colors, including solid white and jet black.


mybaby by jess damen

My Dog

My Dog by Artur Staszewski


Darla by Ivette De La Garza


Mac by Spencer Ellis


20:40 by Mark Jensen


macfrisbeechari by Spencer Ellis

St. James Farm Family Day

St. James Farm Family Day by Bob Haarmans

Buddi and the Pocket Wizard Flex System

Buddi and the Pocket Wizard Flex System by Alan Antiporda

My Shepherd

My Shepherd by Chris Mireault


Jack by doka79


Untitled by Shannon


Untitled by Jan-Willem Pap

Looking Out

Looking Out by Julian Benner

Sadie Jump by Del

Sadie Jump


20:43 by Mark Jensen


Mili by Mihnea Stanciu


Yurko by Neticola


Comfortable by Christopher Sessums


Ben by Maic


Untitled by Kari Bluff

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  1. The Soul Explorer

    If i had a dog, I will call him/her “Mine”

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