20 Simple Pictures of Suitcases

The suitcases in your closet, the ones at the antique shop that make you swoon, and even the forgotten ones for sale at the flea market are all commonplace. But they make great photo subjects. Here are 20 simple pictures of suitcases.


Untitled by Hillary Boles

Blue Suitcase

Blue Suitcase by Drew Coffman


Untitled by Keri


Suitcases by Garry Knight


Suitcases by Kristen Taylor


Suitcase by Lasse Christensen


Untitled by Andrea Rose


Fragile by Alessandro Prada

Eternal Wanderer

Eternal Wanderer by mamnaimie

The Sundial and the Suitcase

The Sundial and the Suitcase by Giacomo Milano

Suitcase of Cotton

Suitcase of Cotton by J E Theriot

Multicolor Suitcases

Multicolor Suitcases by Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier


Suitcases by Tom Godber

If I See You At All

If I See You At All by Lexie Rydberg


Suitcases by Gideon


Untitled by Alex Campos


Suitcases by Harry

A Suitcase Full of Cranes

A Suitcase Full of Cranes by John Lewis

Good 'ol Yellow Suitcase

Good 'ol Yellow Suitcase by kozumel


Untitled by Hillary Boles

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  1. Leica Boss

    Suitcases – what a loaded subject matter. Places going, places been. Some suitcases have seen more than you have, some have not. Very cool gallery.

  2. frizztext

    greetings by
    cat on suitcases, ready to travel …

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