20 Stunning Pictures of Two Dogs by Jessica Trinh

At the age of 13, Jessica Trinh was inspired to get into photography by her golden retriever, Chuppy. She loved setting her camera on auto and considered herself spectacular for being able to capture a decent photo. A few years passed and Jessica decided to expand her knowledge and learn more about photography. She is now 17 years old and still considers herself an aspiring photographer. Ever since she set her hands on a camera, she knew that she had unlocked a new dimension, and I believe she has. Here are 20 stunning pictures of Jessica Trinh’s two dogs: Chuppy and Daisy Mae.

If you would like to see more of Jessica’s work, check out her Flickr photostream and Facebook page.

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

finally, it’s here

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

The Sky Isn’t Crying

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

Speed Demon

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

Things Just Gotta Hit You

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

Nerd is the Word

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

He just read the Book: Anyone Can Do Photography

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

The Remains of Autumn

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

there’s a leaf on her head? what leaf?

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

Ready to Fly

Chuppy and Daisy Mae


Chuppy  and Daisy Mae

Just Open Your Eyes

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

A Winter Wonderland

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

Puddle of Bokeh

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

everything believes that a dog makes a wonderful friend

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

journey point

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

Santas’s Little Helper: The Elf Retriever

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

With the Brilliance of Light

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

A Small Thought

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

That’s How He Rolls

Chuppy and Daisy Mae

Homemade Airplanes

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  1. shivam gupta

    awesome pictures, class picture colors…. beautiful :)

  2. Flávia Andrade

    Fantastics! I love dogs! Your photos are amazing!!!

  3. Flavia Lima

    So beautiful. I love dogs and your photos are perfect and amazing!! I Loved!! :)

  4. brittany

    These are stunning !

  5. Deanna Cantrell

    Amazing dog photos! They are all so visually interesting and different. Makes me wish I had a dog to be a model.

  6. Knakan Chattopadhyay

    all pics are too good…:)

  7. Leah Canseco

    These are so awesome! As a dog lover, this is truly an inspiration. The colors are fantastic.

  8. Veronica Varos

    This girl is AMAZING! We will be reading about her in a few years in a major magazine like Vogue or Time, I’m sure of it! She has SUCH a gift!

  9. Deborah Higginbotham

    This was just beautiful. It made me happy!! you have such a wonderful talent so I am looking forward to more pix. thank you for sharing

  10. Rockland Pet Portraits

    Really great photos captured by this talented photographer.

  11. Terry D

    Wonderful shots!

  12. Tori Ishikawa

    Whoooo! I love this article. And she is definitely great! :)

  13. alexa hanna

    Jessica is such a great photographer! I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow over time… She’s come so far and is only going to go up from here! Great feature.

  14. Alaska Young

    These pictures are beautiful! Your dogs are vey cute. I can’t believe how young you are, by the time I’m your age, I hope I’m as good as you are! :)

  15. seanne

    UnbEEEEEEELLLLIIIEEEvable PHOTOs!!!! Talk about RAW talent!

  16. Seshu

    I arrived here on this page with a heavy dose of speculation. I mean, someone took pictures of their dogs, right? So what, I wondered. But, holy smokes, these are awesome. I also love the way she has handled the post-processing in each of these frames.

  17. Rebecca Pizzo

    Really amazing and beautiful images. Your pets are precious and your talent is huge~!~

    Well done.!.

  18. barry mccullock

    Fantastic images regardless of age, in my opinion this girl is a natural and must have a great future. If she’s this good now I can’t image what she’s capable of.

  19. Robyn

    Beautiful! Very talented!

  20. Jayanthi Krishnamurthi

    Superb! Very well taken!

  21. Costas Beniamin

    Which lens have you used?

  22. Misty Dawn

    She is spectacular! The dogs are spectacular! These are spectacular photos! Very impressed and inspired and now going to check out her links.

  23. Christiano Pires

    Which lens have you used?(2)

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