20 Stunning Portraits from Tamar Jibuti

30-year-old Tamar Jibuti is a self-taught photographer from Tbilisi, Georgia. She picked up photography about a year and a half ago when she received a DSLR camera as a present from her husband. Since then, through the viewfinder, Tamar discovered a whole new way of seeing things. Soon she realized she was enchanted by fine art photography and learned that almost any subject can be interesting as long as it cuts itself into her imagination.

Tamar Jibuti1

Tamar loves natural light; for her, photography is all about light and moods. She loves how the light can change the atmosphere of the scene, how it can play with the subjects and make them deep and mysterious, dreamy or gloomy, or serene or melancholic. Lastly, or maybe in the first place, Tamar loves photography because taking photos and then processing her images gives her the sense of freedom and happiness.

Tamar Jibuti2

Tamar Jibuti3

Tamar Jibuti4

Tamar Jibuti5

Tamar Jibuti6

Tamar Jibuti7

Tamar Jibuti8

Tamar Jibuti9

Tamar Jibuti10

Tamar Jibuti11

Tamar Jibuti12

Tamar Jibuti13

Tamar Jibuti14

Tamar Jibuti15

Tamar Jibuti16

Tamar Jibuti17

Tamar Jibuti18

Tamar Jibuti19

Tamar Jibuti20

To see more of Tamar’s work, check out her Flickr Photostream.

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Etuna Nogaideli

Congratulations, Tamar <3

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