20 Terrific Pictures of Turquoise

Turquoise is a color that is bright enough to catch someone’s eye but is calm at the same time, reminding people of the ocean in Hawaii or another relaxing place. For this reason, it compliments other colors, like bright red or hot pink and every other neon color because it isn’t too overbearing. Most importantly, it brings attention to your pictures.


Untitled by Dov Harrington

door design

door design by Darwin Bell

Bright accessory

Bright accessory by Olga Filonenko


Untitled by dharrisphotog

Pair of Yellow Bannerfish

Pair of Yellow Bannerfish by Matt Kieffer

Pelicans in La Jolla

Pelicans in La Jolla by Sharon

The Roof

The Roof by Vicki Burton

Aquarium de Monaco

Aquarium de Monaco by Starsammy

Ghost Town Trading Post

Ghost Town Trading Post by Robyn Gallant

Waves on a calm sea

Waves on a calm sea by Rising Damp

White empty boat floating on turquoise sea waters

White empty boat floating on turquoise sea waters by Horia Varlan

Gorges Du Verdon

Gorges Du Verdon by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho


Untitled by allnightavenue

bellegarde blue

bellegarde blue by jenny downing


Ladybird by James Whitesmith

al fresco

al fresco by jenny downing

Spying Turquoise

Spying Turquoise by JD Hancock

Turquoise Sea

Turquoise Sea by D. Sharon Pruitt

Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago by Ed Callow

Infant's Cry

Infant’s Cry by Karissa Burgess

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Love Karissa Burgess’ pic. Great collection.

Luke Hardcastle

Here’s my contribution!:


great idea, I’ve set two links to your gallery at

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