20 Whimsical Hot Air Balloon Pictures

Realistic photos of hot air balloons are impressive and beautiful, but you can also use hot air balloons to create fantastic dream-like photos. Their curious shape and bright colors have a whimsical, child-like atmosphere that works well with abstract images, whether in in an urban or landscape setting.

hot air balloon

Wanderlust by Nicole Henshaw

blue hot air balloon

Up by Suzanne Harford

hot air balloon

Penny-farthing for your thoughts by Irene Suchocki

hot air balloon namibia

Carried Away by Vanessa Quijano

hot air balloons over Paris

Thinking of Eric Satie by Robert Crum

A lonely blue balloon

A lonely blue balloon by NakedEyePhoto

hot air balloons

5 balloons by Ignas Butėnas

hot air balloon

Peachy Delight by Andrea Hazel-Ihlefeld

hot air balloons over london

Afloat Above London by Keri Bevan

hot air balloon

An Alleyway of Wonderment by Lisa Howarth

hot air balloon

Dream of Flight No. 3237 by Tricia McKellar

Balloons over the Bridge

Balloons over the Bridge by Ashley Davis

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon by Noah Browning

Hot Air Balloons in the Clouds

Hot Air Balloons in the Clouds by Val Isenhower

hot air balloons

The Journey Home by Keri Bevan

Yellow balloon floating on a yellow sky

Yellow balloon floating on a yellow sky by kitoki

hot air balloons

Vast Color Sky by Andrea Hazel-Ihlefeld

hot air balloon

Fly by Jessica Torres

hot air balloons paris

Paris is a feeling by Irene Suchocki

hot air balloons over field

Wanderers by Keri Bevan

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Suzanne Harford

This is such a great collection of images and I’m honored that you included my photo! Thank you very much!


Great! Such an amazing photos.=D

Jessica Minshull

Lovely, wish there were some hot air balloons nearby that I could photograph! Inspirational.

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