20 Wonderful Pictures of Llamas

Few animals have as wide a range of expressions as the Llama. It can look charming, aggressive, or just downright goofy. Here are 20 wonderful pictures of Llamas.

Hello Llama

Hello Llama by magnesina

Baby Breath

Baby Breath by PeyLu


FIDO by Diana Pappas

L-O-L-A, Lola

L-O-L-A, Lola by VanillaExtinction

Llama in snow

Llama by Lucy Snowe

Mama Llama

Mama Llama by ara133photography

Lovely Llama

Lovely Llama by Kelly D. Brown

Admiring the view llama

Admiring the view by Roger Nelson

Funny llama

Funny llama by Tambako The Jaguar

295/365 - bad llama

295/365 – bad llama. by B Rosen


Llama by Phil Whitehouse

Llama at Colchester Zoo

Just a little off the top…. by Keven Law

Niña de Chivay

Niña de Chivay by Kmilo .

resting llama and girl

resting by nick wiesner


Llama by David Stone

Cuzco woman with llama

Cuzco woman with llama by Dag Peak


Image by lutty moreira

Llama headdress

Llama headdress by Mathias


Who Cares? by Luis Argerich

Two-L Llama

Two-L Llama by Darren Kirby

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