21 Amazing Light Painting Pictures

Light painting is one of those photography genres that is amazing no matter how much or little detail there is in the pictures. These 21 amazing light painting pictures prove my point.

Light Painting

Light Painting by Steve Jurvetson

Light Painting

Light Painting by Danielle Henry

More Light Painting Experiments

More Light Painting Experiments by Ben Grantham

Full Moon & Orb Over Manly

Full Moon & Orb Over Manly by Michael Lynch

Light Painting + Warp

Light Painting + Warp by Evan

Crop Circles

Crop Circles by Brian Tomlinson

y2.d158 | ::click:: :whirrrr::

y2.d158 | ::click:: :whirrrr:: by Bryan Rosengrant


Kuro! by Joey

LightPaint CocaCola

LightPaint CocaCola by Giacomo Bettiol


Reaching by Joel Montes de Oca

and on that note ....

and on that note .... by Mrs Logic

Light painting

Light painting by Philip Bitnar


Untitled by Tim Simpson

Tokyo light

Tokyo light by Takadanobaba Kurazawa


I by Tracy Ann C. Ball

turn and nudge

turn and nudge by Serge Melki

Light Painting

Light Painting by Pecia!

Light Painting

Light Painting by Vincent Ghyssens

Me, my other me and what's going on between the 2

Me, my other me and what's going on between the 2 by Ludovic Bertron


Abstract by Mishel Churkin

The burning of black.

The burning of black. by Julija Felajn

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  1. David BIse

    I like light painting ! Very fun and poetic

  2. Elizabeth Watson

    I like light painting .If you want to make painting from photo then contact us.

  3. Jennifer Collins

    Light painting is easy on the eyes. Actually, I want to try this one, is it hard or how much harder than this http://www.exploretalent.com/articles/amazing-fire-paintings-artist-paints-pictures-fire-soot/ My first love is painting and I want to paint a different theme either of the two. Can I have tips with you guys?

  4. Sophia Kortig

    Really unique type of painting. Maybe, I should buy one for that kind of painting, for the decoration . I am really amazed by the uniqueness and the simplicity of it. I also see here how unique he paint. Amazing and unexpected http://www.exploretalent.com/articles/amazing-fire-paintings-artist-paints-pictures-fire-soot/

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