21 Chilling Pictures of Tarantulas

The tarantula is an arachnid who is usually considered not dangerous to humans. But with over 900 species identified, I’m sure one of them might have a scary bite. Then again, for some, just the looks of a tarantula may creep you out. On the flip side, these creatures make some awesome subjects for photography. So if you’re able to get close enough without freaking out, have a friend who’s ‘brave’ enough to handle one, and/or just plain think tarantulas are cool, then these 21 chilling pictures are for you. For the rest of us, just seeing a picture of these hairy beasts may give you nightmares tonight.


tarantula by matt knoth


tarantula by matt knoth

Vogelspinne - Tarantula

Vogelspinne - Tarantula by Gertrud K.


RAWWWRRR!!!! by Leslie Kirkland

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula - Brachypelma smithi

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula - Brachypelma smithi by B Smith


image by ShannonYearwood

wincy Wincy.

Incy Wincy. by meg

Serious Hardware

Serious Hardware by e_monk


arachnid by α is for äpΩL †


Tarantula by Christopher Woo

Battle Tank

Battle Tank by Simon


Tarantula by Scott Ableman


Tarantula by Jason Scragz

Having a bad hair day

Having a bad hair day by Mike Keeling

"The Tarantula Wave"

"The Tarantula Wave" by Kenny P.

Brachypelma boehmei

Brachypelma boehmei by Wolfgang Wedenig


Sprawl by Matt Reinbold


Cornered by Matt Reinbold

BABY Julia ♥ ♥ ♥

BABY Julia ♥ ♥ ♥ by غzǻҰёll ♥ RAINBOW !


tarantula by othmar raoul traninger

My first D3x Image

My first D3x Image by Jazmin Million

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  1. Beff


  2. stacey walker

    aawww “chilling?” theyre adorable!!!

  3. Deborah Schaub

    They might look scary to some but they are beautiful creatures god gave us and have a special job to do on this earth. Great job capturing the spectacular beauty of these arachnids.

  4. Anonymous

    wierd spiders or whatever

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