21 Cool Frog Pictures

Frogs always stare at you but they are too cool to smile. For this reason they are excellent material for those of you who would like to keep their nature photos tough. Check out these intriguing and distant amphibians.

say 'cheese!' by Emily

.sM!|_e. by Sachin Sandhu

Frog Eggs by Aranya Sen

orange eyed green tree frog by rainforest_harley

Marañón poison frog by Tamako the Jaguar

...and also in blue! by Tambako the Jaguar

Colorful and leaping by Tambako the Jaguar

'What do stylish frogs wear? Jumpsuits' EXPLORE by Nancy ~

Stop fooling around, just kiss me! by Kasia

Leaf's Eye View by Adam Baker

Pseudacris crucifer crucifer by Matt Reinbold

My Precious by Steve Jurvetson

Chinese Gliding Tree Frog by Martin Teschner

Frog at the Pond by Noël Zia Lee

Kickin’ Back by Steve Jurvetson

Skyscape in a frog's eye by Lida Rose

D. soralia by Andrew Snyder

...Ribbit... by David Stewart

Pretty on pink by Minette Layne

2005-8-25 Hurricane Katrina by Matthew Hoelscher

Springing back...Hot dog, jumping frog.... by Keven Law

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