21 Creative Origami Pictures

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into different shapes or objects. It’s not your normal paper airplane folding craft session. Some people take it very seriously and put a lot of time into it and have created some very nice looking pieces of work. If you’re interested in learning more about how to do Origami, just do a search for it on the web and you’ll find multiple resources on how to accomplish this fun activity.

Here are 21 creative origami pictures.

colory cranes

colory cranes by James C.

I spy (with my little eye)

I spy (with my little eye) by fotodiagramas

origami stars.

origami stars. by expressionnisme

Forcher's fox

Forcher's fox by Joseph Wu

Origami Tarantula

Origami Tarantula by Rodrigo Zen

Still Life In White

Still Life In White by Brittney Bush Bollay

Origami cranes

Origami cranes by Damien du Toit

Musical Crane

Musical Crane by Jim

Preview of coming attractions

Preview of coming attractions by margolove


Flights by margolove

Free as a bird

Free as a bird by Leonardo D'Amico


Wallaby by Joseph Wu

Paper cranes

Paper cranes by Shereen M

Colourful Cranes

Colourful Cranes by Blake Danger Bentley


Magia by etringita


Yoda by Phillip West


origami by Monika


shachihoko by Emre Ayaroglu

cyclommatus metalifer 2.0

cyclommatus metalifer 2.0 by Emre Ayaroglu


grulla by Emre Ayaroglu


Kusudama by etringita

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  1. Christine Schrum

    Love this post! Amazing origami and terrific photography. The crane (or heron?) is a favorite, as is Yoda. I just tweeted this post on Artexpo’s twitter page. Will definitely stay tuned for more of your posts. Found you via facebook fan page, btw.

  2. Ellen McDougall


    I love your photographs of paper crances and I’d love to use one of them for a show I’m making – as the image for the copy. So it would appear on this website: http://www.bac.org.uk when my show is listed there this January. I think it may also be in a printed brochure.

    I just wondered whether you would be happy for me to use one of your photos – and how you would like to be credited as the photographer? We could add a link to your flickr page etc so other people can check it out if that would be useful for you.

    It would be great if you could drop me a quick line to let me know whether in principle, you are happy for me to use it, and of course any questions you have.


  3. Liz

    Super fabulous i have to feature one of your pictures. Please keep them coming. :)

  4. Mary Poppins

    sup guys

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