21 Intriguing Pictures of Payphones

Unless you live in London, payphones in most places are rapidly disappearing. When you can find one in the United States, they’re often covered in graffiti or used gum, standing broken and unusable. But still, payphones can evoke a bit of nostalgia, and in their own way they can be quite intriguing to photograph.

Phone Booth

Phone Booth by Steven Daniel

Call Me phone pay

Call Me by Emiko Franzen

Ill Communication pay phone

Ill Communication by Danielle And Troy Thomas

Sherbrooke Metro Station pay phone

Sherbrooke Metro Station by Lindsay Miarmi

Tell Me Your Secrets phone

Tell Me Your Secrets by || UggBoy♥UggGirl ||

Phone Booth pay

Phone Booth by Krystian Olszanski

Booths phone

Booths by Rick Harris

Requiem [2] phone booth

Requiem [2] by Rick Harris

Calling Home... pay phone

Calling Home… by Thomas Leuthard

1995 Superman Telephone Booth Ornament

1995 Superman Telephone Booth Ornament by JD Hancock

on hold pay phone

on hold by jenny downing

Knippelsbro phone booth

Knippelsbro by Stig Nygaard

I Help [Explored] phone pay

I Help [Explored] by Jim Pennucci


Phonebooth by Nicki Varkevisser

Waiting In The Booth phone

Waiting In The Booth by Jim Pennucci

Disconnect pay phone

Disconnect by Randy Heinitz

Lower East Side pay phone

Lower East Side by Mo Riza

Are You There? pay phone

Are You There? by Fe Ilya

Fredrik trying out a pay-phone in Kiel, Northern Germany

Fredrik trying out a pay-phone in Kiel, Northern Germany by Andreas Øverland

pay phone What's her phone number?

What’s her phone number? by Aaron Escobar

Kuna Indians At Pay Phone

Kuna Indians At Pay Phone by Bob Jagendorf

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BISE David

4 or 5 nice pictures but not the others..

Alfredo Rius

Great picture by Steven Daniel! I wonder if the situation was real or if he payed the kid a buck so he could shoot the picture. Either way, I love that picture!


the first one is THE BEST :D:D:D:D

Chris Higginbotham

Very cool! I think there needs to be a challenge involved though. Let’s try to get to 50 by the end of March. Soon there won’t be any more payphones so we need to photograph the heck out of them for posterity.

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