21 Nostalgic Pictures of Rotary Dial Telephones

Although cell phones are handy, rotary dial telephones are still loved by antique collectors, nostalgists, and anyone with a penchant for steampunk paraphernalia. Even if you don’t fall into any of these groups, you might still enjoy using a rotary phone on occasion, if only to take a picture and be reminded why you love your smart phone so much.

(P.S. For extra points, see if you can spot the modern phones masquerading as vintage rotary phones.)

Call Me rotary telephone

Call Me by Kelly Simpson

rotary telephone

I just called to say I love you by Kristina

rotary phone

Can you hear me now? by Raceytay

Rotary Telephone

Telephone by j2studiosphotography

Garden Dreaming rotary telephone still life

Garden Dreaming by Trisha Brink

Operator Rotary Telephone

Operator by Laura Browning

Rotary Dial Phone

Rotary Dial Phone by c. creativity

On Hold rotary phone

On Hold by Kris O’Neal

Telephone call

Telephone call by j2studiosphotography

rotary dial phone

…now I know my ABC’s by Jonathan Henderson

Red rotary dial Phone

Red Phone, San Antonio, TX by

rotary dial phone

Coup de Fil by Charles Clegg

rotary dial telephone

iphone’s great great grandmother by Alex

The Rotary Dial Telephone

The Telephone by Atilla Kefeli

rotary dial phone

Rotary by flattop341

rotary dial telephone

Dirty phone call? by Aran Smithson

rotary Telephone

Telephone by Esparta Palma

Old Bakelit phone

Old Bakelit phone by aussiegal

Old Romanian made rotary phone

Old Romanian made phone by Gabriel

Last call rotary phone

Last call by Atilla Kefeli

rotary telephone

Yesterday’s Call by Vincent_AF

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