21 Outstanding Pictures of Birthday Candles

Hardly a birthday goes by without a camera present. These events bring plenty of opportunity to get some unique pictures. Candles are a perfect subject for great shots. Here are 21 outstanding pictures of birthday candles to inspire you.

Birthday Candles

Happy Birthday by Christophe Verdier

Happy Birthday

Best. Cake. Evar. by Don Solo

birthday candles on cake

Toomy by A♥

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake by Theresa Thompson

Birthday Candles

Big 40 – S5isBday40 by Daniel Y. Go

Birthday Candles

Grace and the cake by RBerteig

Birthday Candles

RFEE3 ELSHAN ♥♥♥♥♥♥ by ThaRainbow

Birthday Candles

Bint.3♥♪♫ by ThaRainbow

Birthday Candles

In flickr years I’m one! by Theresa Thompson

Birthday Candles

Blowing candles by spoon

Birthday Candles

One candle per year by Frozen Coffee

Birthday Candles

birthday cake by Emily Barney

Birthday Candles

43 by ViaMoi

Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles by jbelluch

Birthday Candles

Ty’s Birthday by jbelluch

Birthday Candles

three candles by SuprisePally

Birthday Candles

image by ElDave

Happy Birthday Candles

happy birthday by allegr0

Birthday Candles

Droste Chocolate Cake for Geoff’s 40th, Wellington by ms sdb

Birthday Candles

Birthday! by david connell

Birthday Candles

kevin dean birthday by kevindean

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  1. Deborah Bruner

    I have a WONDERFUL picture lit by sparkler!

  2. Kawaljeet virk


  3. t.a

    hoaaah, the last one is a lil bit scary.. haha

  4. Pirabha devi

    best photos ever seen !

  5. Neha patel

    best cakes pics:)

  6. Ashok

    Wonderful pics….:-*

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