21 Pictures of Iridescent Dragonflies

Dragonflies aren’t like most insects. Their poise in flight, the ability to seem at home resting on either land or water, and their captivating large eyes have contributed to dragonflies being the source of myths and lore around the world. In Japan they’re associated with courage and happiness, and in some Native American tribes they represent swiftness or purity. No matter their meaning, with their iridescent coloring and translucent wings dragonflies can be amazing to photograph.

Air and Water I dragonfly

Air and Water I by LK Phipps

Gripping! dragonfly

Gripping! by Erica Lea

Light Wing n.1 dragonfly

Light Wing n.1 by Jennifer

Dragonfly Wings

Dragonfly Wings by Erina Weidenbacher

Dragonfly II

Dragonfly II by Sara Montague Miller

Crimson Eyes Dragonfly

Crimson Eyes Dragonfly by Jonathan Carinci


Dragonfly by tyler wick

Dragonfly Wing

Dragonfly Wing by Tim Doyle


Dragonfly by Bryan Panting

The red dragonfly

The red dragonfly by idni · idniama

Smiling Dragonfly

Smiling Dragonfly by Juliet Cotter

Full Wings Blue Dragonfly

Full Wings Blue Dragonfly by Zahra Shine

Little Captain dragonfly

Little Captain by Erica Lea

Blue Dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly by Rozanne James-Gooding

Dragonfly at Rest

Dragonfly at Rest by Mary McNeeley

Calm Dragonfly

Calm Dragonfly by Jennifer


Dragonfly by Erina Weidenbacher


Dragonfly by Ema Williamson


Dragonfly by sunshineartdesign

Dragonfly - 2

Dragonfly – 2 by Raymond Baker

Final Descent dragonfly

Final Descent by Erica Lea

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