22 Beautiful Cactus Pictures

The cactus is a great photographic subject. Close-ups of their texture are really cool but cacti are also beautiful in scenic shots. They almost make you want to live in the desert…almost.

Cactus needle bokeh by Kevin Dooley

Day 024/365 - Desert Colors by Jöshua Barnett

Green Wave by Emmanuel Huybrechts

cactus abstract by psyberartist

Myrtillocactus geometrizans by Mike Keeling

cactus closup by Reza

Cactus fire. by Mike Keeling

Rebutia muscula. by Mike Keeling

cactus by Olivier

Flowers and thorns by Kevin Dooley

White Tank Mountains by Kevin Dooley

Desert Flowers by John Morgan

Cactus Community by Rachel

A Cactus Flower for Capt. Suresh by

Barrel cactus by Kevin Dooley

Jardin de cactus, Lanzarote by laurent gauthier

Saguaro Cactus by matt

In the Shape of a Heart by Tony

Electric Cactus by Martin Howard

Blooms and Prickles by John Morgan

Wall Of Thorns by Alexander Boden

Black-throated Sparrow on a Staghorn Cholla Cactus near Chloride, Arizona by Kevin Cole

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Erik Kerstenbeck


I LOVE Cactus being from Southern California. Great shots!

We caught this lone cactus when shooting a spectacular sunset at Gate’s Pass which is west of Tucson. Sunsets at the pass are simply breathtaking in color and scale, but this prickly friend poked our imaginations.

Gate’s Pass, AZ: http://t.co/zVLKSvA

Erik Kerstenbeck


Had to add another Cactus

Gate’s Pass Sunset, AZ: http://t.co/2w7padP


Amazing and wonderful

Philippe Perrin

HI , thank you for watching this video ; cactus pictures ( one series of my work )
cordially , Philippe Perrin http://youtu.be/LZ74Rj4VgD4

Philippe Perrin
Michael Ford

I just visited San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in the summer 2011. As a photographer I was blow away by the desert cacti. An art curator friend there introduced me to her favorite San Miguel photographer, Kate McKenna, who does extraordinary cacti and human form pieces. I had the pleasure of visiting her studio. Here’s her website:
Seeing them digitally on website doesn’t do them justice in the real. Extraordinary work.

Mohannad M.

I love cactus, but I love it more with your photos.


your pic are beaui wish i could put them on my wall in my house

Barbara Marble

New to catus found a catus plant in Goodyear Az with tll large stem in center with orange buds and them light green growing out of bloom
Would love to know the name of it
Thank you

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