23 Awesome Pictures of Drinking Straws

Sometimes, the simplest objects make the best photography subjects. Drinking straws, for example, are great subjects for abstract photography and still life pictures. You can fill the tubes with light or leave them dark; make the colors uniform or brightly varied; pile them together or single one out for a whimsical touch to food photos. Best of all, you get a respectable excuse to play around with them again, just like a kid, because you’re a photographer.


straws by Shannon Blue

Neon Straws

Neon Straws by Demet Gunuc

Striped Straws

Striped Straws by Erica Lea

Cookies and Milk

Cookies and Milk by Summer Owens

Striped straws

Striped straws by thegingershoppe

bakery stop

bakery stop by butterflyfood

Drinking Straws

Drinking Straws by Artnow314

Arteries of Colour drinking straws

Arteries of Colour by Sean Rogers

Barcelona drinking straws

Barcelona by Bert Kaufmann

drinking straws

I am using natural light here by Nina Matthews

straws akimbo

straws akimbo by Darwin Bell

Choices drinking straws

Choices by kozumel

drinking straws

My binoculars : ) by tink tracy

cocktail straws

cocktail straws by Dave Gough

Sweet Drink green straw

Sweet Drink by D. Sharon Pruitt

drinking straws

123/365 – straws by Paul Scott

Straws black and white

Straws by Nick Harris

pink straw

image by Melissa Mercier

drinking straws

Can you guess what it is? by Dennis Skley

Brightly colored drinking straws with flexible head

Brightly colored drinking straws with flexible head by Horia Varlan

Polka Dot Milkshakes

Polka Dot Milkshakes by jamieanne

Difluoroethane droplets red straw

Difluoroethane droplets by Andrew Magill

drinking straws

Sluuuuurp!… by Tambako the Jaguar

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  1. Mary

    This is great! I love how a random, quirky everyday object was turned into this amazing art series. I really enjoyed this, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. mandy

    Love these! Thanks for including mine :)


  3. Linda Åkerlund

    Absolute amazing, Iget so inspired. I have to try shooting som drink straws now:)

  4. Madhulika Rawal

    It is absolutely stunning! An everybody object like straws has metamorphosed into something so incredible. Great work!

  5. glenn

    These images really make me realize how geometric and colorful and dramatic drinking straws are. They are spectacular !!

  6. lol


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