23 Beautiful Kite Pictures

Flying a simple kite as a kid is already quite awesome. As an adult, it gets even better with bigger and faster kites; you can combine it with surfing; or attach a camera to the kite. Of course, there is also just the option of taking great kite pictures.

Looping the loop by Jack Wolf

Blue butterfly kite by Jack Wolf

Sailing across the sky by Jack Wolf

untitled yet... by Mohamed Muha

Monarch butterfly : the kitesurfer returns by Chris Willis

Tian An Men Kites Late Afternoon by Lyle Vincent

Kite Man by Nono Fara

Colours of the wind by Joey Lim

out by Inessa Akhmedova

singapore kite day by Jamie Hladky

Flying high by Nono Fara

Flying kite by Nono Fara

Spinny, Spiney Kite by Jeff Rozema

An identified flying object. by Nathan Hayag

fly by Caroline

Pink Patang by Meena Kadri

"Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths." by Nono Fara

Kite against Chicago Skyline by kds4850

My mind... by Szilvia Németh

kite by lee

70 kites on a single line! by Rona Proudfoot

Winter Kite Flying in Kenosha, Wi by Daniel

Hope Arriving by Hartwig HKD

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  1. Shahida

    Hi there…i saw the amazing pictures on this blog and the ones for the beautiful kite pictures really intrigue me…i have a photo my bestfren took last yr at a kite festival in singapore which i wud like to share in this blog if its ok…



  3. Leanne

    Absolutely the best pics I’ve seen on kites in awhile , coming from a kite flyer herself:)

  4. David Bise

    certaines sont magnifiques !

  5. kite club india

    Really, great pictures, i like girl stand with indian fighters.



  7. Mohammed Shuja

    I love the painting pic where a child is flying a kite. if i look indepth of a painting. i see…. no matter what he is wearing, no matter which place he is, but he is happy alone in flying a kite…. enjoying his best moments of life…..!!!!

    really amazed

  8. Maggie Dillon Katz

    Hi, I love your site. I’d love to use Rona Proudfoot’s “70 Kites Flying” on a banner for an “opt in” page I’m creating. How can I get in touch with her to ask her permission? Thanks, Maggie

  9. kite Flyers india

    Good sharing….

  10. Elmer C.

    Very nice article. I appreciate the work that you have put in this page. Really good, Thanks for sharing.

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