23 Diverse Leaf Pictures

Leaves represent something in every season; New growth in spring, health in summer, change in autumn, and the end of a cycle in winter. They are beautiful at every stage, and some photographers absolutely love using them as photo subjects. Take a look at these 23 diverse leaf pictures.

fall feet

fall feet by Shandi-lee Cox

The first snow

The first snow by Áron

Sunfall, Wisley

Sunfall, Wisley by H Matthew Howarth


Rosenblatt by dorena-wm

The bird from below

The bird from below by Yago Veith


autumn by lee

Lonely leaf left alone

Lonely leaf left alone by Dave Heuts

obrint pas:quan es faci fosc

obrint pas:quan es faci fosc by Lali Masriera

Happy Bokeh Wednesday!

Happy Bokeh Wednesday! by Jesse Kruger

jack johnson:while we wait

jack johnson:while we wait by Lali Masriera

marc parrot:sense fer soroll

marc parrot:sense fer soroll by Lali Masriera

Green Swirl

Green Swirl by stonethestone

Oak Leaf Raindrops

Oak Leaf Raindrops by Paul Sapiano


FOLHA FRESCA by Jônatas Cunha

Autumn's Flower

Autumn's Flower by D. Sharon Pruitt

Leaf Cinematica

Leaf Cinematica by Todd Baker

The end is near

The end is near by Dennis Jarvis


Untitled by gianni


hole by Bùi Linh Ngân

Falling with grace

Falling with grace by Patty O'Hearn Kickham


Stages by Scott Robinson

Sycamore Leaf

Sycamore Leaf by Scott Robinson

coldplay:a message

coldplay:a message by Lali Masriera

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Great set of images – #2 is absolutely stunning. Thanks for including one of mine – much appreciated. Very flattering and very cool to be involved.


Nice set of shots, very inspirational. I love taking leaf shots. My “Ignis” set is my attempt at some leaf photography 🙂

P.S. Green swirl has my vote

Paul Hart

Beautiful images, really good. Here’s an image I made from leaves …

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