23 Eerie Pictures of Beaches at Night

Going to the beach is typically a daytime activity, but for photographers, the beach can be just as thrilling at night. The leftover bits of reflected light have an effect that’s both beautiful and eerie, as if you’re looking at a place between worlds, a no man’s land.

beach at night

Firmaments by James Jordan

beach at night

Lifes a Beach by Mark Bowman

beach at night

A fish out of water by James Jordan

beach at night

Manasquan Beach Color by Todd Binger

beach at night

Nighttime Beach HDR by Erik Söderström

beach at night

the sun's out in the night on my request by Ibrahim Iujaz

beach at night

Ghosts disappear by Sergio Tudela Romero

beach at night

Portholland by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

Beach at Night

Tanning Beds by Rick Flores

lighthouse at night north star

Old Barney and the North Star by Tony

beach at night

In Phuket when the Sun goes down, the City starts to rock! by William Cho

pier dock beach at night

Blue Hour @ Labrador Park by William Cho

beach at night

Nightfall by Luis Argerich

fishing beach at night

fishing - Bay of Bengal by b k

beach at night

The End of a Cold Night by Luis Argerich

lighthouse beach at night

lighthouse II by matt

dock pier beach at night lamp

Burned-out Lamp by Dave Reichert

moon beach stars at night

Selene at the Sea by Luis Argerich

beach city at night

When Darkness Turns Into Light by Leland Francisco

beach moon at night

Moon Light. Help! (no, really, help) by Jeremy Raff-Reynolds

beach girl at night

0235 by Cia de Foto

Steel Wool Sparks on the Beach

Steel Wool Sparks on the Beach by Evan

Zodiacal light Over Cumberland Beach at night

Zodiacal light Over Cumberland Beach by Robert Snache

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Sonny M. Day

Wow. What an amazing collection of beach pictures you’ve got here Stephanie! Personally, “The End of a Cold Night by Luis Argerich” is a fascination to me. Thanks for sharing!

Draigg Phillips

I should give this a try. But as we say here in Southern Arizona, we have all beach, just no ocean!


Amazing pictures, the two by Luis Argerich Selene and The end of a cold night, stand out.

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