23 Exceptional Silhouette Pictures

Silhouette photography combines simplicity with mystery. That’s why it’s a great way to portray people but also trees, animals, cityscapes and pretty much anything else.

Colombian Training Ship ARC "Gloria" by Luz A. Villa

my tree at dusk by b k

One cow, one ferris wheel by Kevin Dooley

APOCALYPSE by Luz A. Villa

Silhouette in the Lonely World by Easa Shamih

wired to go by Darwin Bell

Antennen 1 (Westend) by Martin Fisch

Bangladesh birds by b k

. by Gisela Giardino

Spring Sunset Magic by Morgan Paul

I love the Light & I dig the Sun by fady habib

wake los cabos by Andrew

Love, love by zenera

Free Traffic Signal Arrows on Dark Cloudy Sky by D. Sharon Pruitt

My Life by Patty Lagera

London Eye & Big Ben at sunset by Harshil Shah

DAWN TREE by Simon 'Kelp' Keeping

Wild horses by zenera

London's burning... by Keven Law

Blue skies are on the way....Allegedly....:O)) by Keven Law

Stupid bird - flew right into my sunrise shot by b k

here be spiders by Jes

Hut Sunrise - Hello from Kish Island by Hamed Saber

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Adam Pinnell

Beautiful compilation!

Juergen Buergin

Amazing! Love Dawn Tree most, it’s so simple, and the shades of blue and green are so impressive!
Regards from Berlin!


Great shots. Silhouettes have something magical.



these are all so great(: love them.


Amazing! How did you manage to capture such beauty?

There’s something about silhouettes that’s just so whimsical.

Thanks for the posts!


Muito bom, é de uma originalidade extrema.

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