23 Refreshing Sprinkler Pictures

Kids celebrate those small joys in life which adults tend to overlook, such as sprinklers on a hot, sunny day. Photography can teach you how to (re-)appreciate these things you loved when you were young.

water'd by Robert S. Donovan

Protection by Conor Ogle

Water Sprinkler on Tree - Backlit by David Ohmer

Let Us Spray by Ian Sane

What the grass sees... by Jack Wolf

The wet waste basket / La papelera mojada by Jesus Solana

effects per sprinkler by fRedi

pink umbrella by Ed L

satisfaction by Mike McCune

A Farming Innovation! by Mark Robinson

Chandler at dusk by Kevin Dooley

aaaah by Dianna Mullet

jump. by Rachel Sapp

Raindrops keep falling on my head.. by Alosh Bennett

170/365 - Summer Dreams by Abby

Summertime by Ben Grey

Sprinkler by Shaylor

Sprinklers by Zack Sheppard

Sprinkler by Kumaravel Thangaraj

Cool Kids / Hot Harlem Hydrant by Tony

Sprinkler by Sharon Mollerus

Just Sit Back and Relax! by Vinoth Chandar

Refreshing! by las - initially

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