23 Superb Pictures of Statues

Taking pictures of statues may seem easy compared to portrait photography. However, getting a great shot of a statue is an art. A lot depends on lighting, composition, time of day, etc. The following pictures show what good photography can do to lifeless statues.

For Collards by Ben Fredericson

Red Sky

Reflejos del Ángel Caído by Felipe Gabaldón

come on then by Tim Simpson

Sleepy head by Bas Lammers

Nooooooo by Fabio Venni

"Mr. Lincoln, We Have a New President..." by Tony

Lonely Angel by Alexander Boden

Devotion by Alexander Boden

Cristo Redentor by bossa67

American Eagle by Ludovic Bertron

Tory/Bull by Miguel Angel

those constipation blues by Jes

UP turns 100 by Shubert Ciencia

Сталкер by Guglielmo

Alone by Louise Docker

greek god by Giovanni

Paris - Trocadéro - 01-05-2007 - 6h53 by Panoramas

Budapest - 07-01-2007 - 14h33 by Panoramas

Boys having fun! by Ray

Statue of Phillis Wheatley by Sharon Mollerus

Image by Claudio Núñez

Mantra by Jon Fife

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Jacey Thomas

Great collection. I find 6th no. picture is very cool. And set-up that as a background screen. I really wonder how you manage such great collation. Bookmarked.Picture Photo Frames

Dan Galman

The first one and the fifth is absolutely gorgeous!

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