23 Unique Fence Pictures #2

On top of the amazing pictures in our previous post on fences, here are another 23 examples of how interesting pictures with fences can be.

The open Gate by Hartwig HKD

🙂 by seyed mostafa zaman

Snowdrift by dorena-wm

Drama by Daniel Zedda

this city will squash you #3 by Jes

Red trees, LWPF, & a path by b k

Path to fairyland by zarylla

Boundary - Boulder by b k

Taking it all in..... by Becky

Fence by Brian Tomlinson

The Dramatic Goat by Stuart Richards

030211-Cochran Hill, Texas - 039 by Jimmy Norris

Image by Kevin Dooley

So she took her love for to gaze awhile by Amy Clarke

testing new camera... by paul (dex)

Morning by dorena-wm

backdoor by Mathias Pastwa

Love, love by zenera

The fugitive sun - Ήλιος δραπέτης by Elenapaint

Une route paisible (Cap Gris Nez -France) by Stephane Mignon

the mellow light by Joel Bedford

rail fence by mamnaimie ( )

The Eye by John Steven Fernandez

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Joe Todd

You should link this post to Fridays Fences http://lifeaccordingtojanandjer.blogspot.com/

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