24 Beautiful Pictures of Ballerinas

Full of dedication and grace, ballet isn’t just a dance. It’s a complete lifestyle. It takes time, work, and pain to become a great ballerina, and here are 24 beautiful pictures to show that.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Chris Hays

Ballet Dancer Stretches Out

Ballet Dancer Stretches Out by Chris Willis

Isobella and the Melody

Isobella and the Melody by Lauren Hammond


Untitled by pastaboy sleeps


Ballerina by Gerald Pereira

Drama Queens

Drama Queens by Chris Hays

Strange New Friends

Strange New Friends by Helga Weber

Gauloises are a Ballerina's Best Friend

Gauloises are a Ballerina's Best Friend by Michael Donovan

Relaxed Pointe

Relaxed Pointe by Renee Silverman


Ballet by Rodrigo Denúbila


Janelly by Dan

Arm Strength

Arm Strength by Chris Hays


Prep by Shirl


Untitled by Kathy Zhuang


Ballerinas by Dyanna

In the Wings

In the Wings by Chris Hays

Ballet Shoes Line

Ballet Shoes Line by Jeff Medaugh


Elegance by English Rose247


Arabesque by Chris Hays


Friends by pawpaw67

Some of my Dead Pointe Shoes

Some of my Dead Pointe Shoes by melalouise


Ballet by Rolands Lakis

Final Adjustments

Final Adjustments by Chris Hays

Almost Done

Almost Done by Chris Hays

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  1. john agust

    cute Friends by pawpaw67
    so touched….. :)

  2. @_JJunior


  3. wedding photographer kent

    My daugher loves ballet… im in the process of making a poster for my wedding and portrait business.. I will be taking portraits of a young ballet class…I plan to shoot on white background paper, hope it turns out just as good as these!

  4. Stephanie Hayes (Christian Dancer)

    Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures, I make mobiles
    for little girls, and I’ve been looking for pictures of ballerinas.
    My grandmother gave me a pin when I was little of a ballerina and I always loved it. One day I was brainstorming about a project for my granddaughter, and I believe God spoke to me and gave me the Idea for a mobile. Even though the pin was tiny, and I really can’t draw, I began to try and draw freehand this little ballerina. After I painted her and dressed her, I was so moved that I could not stop smiling. After that I wanted more and more posses, but could not find them, until now. I think these pictures should be enlarged and framed, that is how good they are, Thank you again God Bless you!

  5. Andris

    Check out these photographs of my friend Zaira, inspired by the film Black Swan: http://blog.andrislinz.ch/black-swan

  6. joe vicram

    beautiful pics . . . . i can go on looking at it

  7. Kerry Kemmingsen

    Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

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