24 Cute Pictures of Cats in Boxes

One of the many inexplicable cat behaviors is their love of boxes. They can cram themselves into almost any kind of box, or at least they’ll try. It looks silly most of the time, but somehow, the cat’s dignity always remains intact.

cat in box

Kantaro taking a rest in a box by Takashi Hososhima

cat in box

Cat volume computation by Windell Oskay

Portrait of a young Maine coon in the box

Portrait of a young Maine coon in the box by Tambako The Jaguar

cat in box

better than square watermelon by Kio Stark

cat in box

Licking Box by Antony Griffiths

cat Hiding in a box

Hiding in a box by Lad dir

cat in box

Woot by Jeffrey

cat in box

Goya by Michael Dougherty

cat slowly getting into the box

slowly getting into the box by Michelle Tribe

cat in box

Mohrchens ears.. by Manu

cat in box

covert beans by Chelsea Gomez (Oakes)

cat in box

Leonitis and Dave! by Aaron Van Dike

cat in box

I’m in a box! by Kenny Louie

cat in box

Gugu’s house by Myeong mo Koo

cat in box

catnap by jenny downing

cat in box

Simba dans le carton by jacme31

cat in box

Image by Vjeran Pavic

cat in box

Simon-in-the-box by Marco Varisco

cat in box

twigi in a box by shira gal

cat in box

Pluis in a Box by worak

Hako no naka ni imasu cat in box

Hako no naka ni imasu. by Francis Bijl

kitten in box

Kitten by Scott Hendo

cat in box

Zanzibar in a box, again by Nicola Romagna

cat in box

do you like my box? by Michele M. F.

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  1. Beate C. Koehler

    This are great shots and a wonderful collection, I enjoyed it to look at them!

  2. The Soul Explorer

    Cutie cats!

  3. Bobbie Jean

    Beautiful! I love cats. I have have two and they both love boxes… usually the smaller the better.

    Thank you for this marvelous collection- it should be in a gallery!

  4. frizztext

    wonderful, amusing gallery!
    I’ve set a link to you at

  5. Steve Hopkins

    how would I submit a photo…such cat(s) in a basket to a collection of yours?

  6. gopal shroti

    Cat is always a catcher….now the photographer catches cats in his camera….beautiful photographs. thnx to all photographers.

  7. markanthonynorwood

    cute owsome

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