24 Pictures with Pastel Tones

Spring is right around the corner; flowers are starting to bloom and people are peeling off the layers of sweaters they have been wearing all winter. With Spring comes tons of colors and new things to take photos of, and many are likely to be in a pastel shade. This color isn’t neon, and it isn’t dark in color. Pastel is light and airy, and everything that represents the new season. Here are 24 pastel pictures to get you inspired.


Cameos by SherryRose

Buckets of Fun

Buckets of Fun by QUOI Media Group


Untitled by Robert S. Digby

Drinking in in

Drinking in in by ClairOverThere

Kids @ 74

Kids @ 74 by Nathan Jones

back home

back home by cedelros

Easter Petits

Easter Petits by EricaJoy


everyday by Jimena Melero

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday by Camilo Rueda López


Untitled by Steven Guzzardi


Untitled by Daniel Oines

Free your heart

Free your heart by Olga Filonenko


piercing by Marina Aguiar Araujo

Girl and the Sea

Girl and the Sea by Dan Zen

tea party!

tea party! by Camdiluv

First macro with D3100

First macro with D3100 by A Garden Waltz

Dreamy Pastel Beach Grass

Dreamy Pastel Beach Grass by Poppy Thomas-Hill


Lightlysoftly by Hiroyuki Takeda

Summer's Song

Summer’s Song by D. Sharon Pruitt


Infrared! by 55Laney69

Canon EF 50mm F1.4 Testshot

Canon EF 50mm F1.4 Testshot by 55Laney69

I Hate Easter On The Death Star.

I Hate Easter On The Death Star. by JD Hancock


Umbrella by 55Laney69


Fog by 55Laney69

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Great! Such a wonderful collection of photos.

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