24 Pictures with Perfect Shadows

Light is of course the key element of photography, inasmuch as good lighting is essential for a good picture. Sometimes we forget, however, that light is accompanied by shadows which can be just as important. These following pictures show that there are good reasons to also speak of ‘good shadowing.’

That’s interesting by Kevin Dooley

Angles, lines, light, and shadows by Kevin Dooley

Human Highway by Kevin Dooley

he thinks he is a zebra. by tainara .

sitting by marya

ASU Art Museum by Kevin Dooley

Skating by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

Free Daddy and His Little Shadow Girls at The Skate Park by D. Sharon Pruitt

A Prism of Shadows: Self-portrait in Front of A Brick Wall by Derrick Tyson

snowbow by jenny downing

Autumn Cycle by Mo Riza

Free Hand in Zebra by D. Sharon Pruitt

The Umquhile Shadow-Paraphernalia With Hands-on Ripening by Derrick Tyson

Inverted Light by Jan Tik

ninja cat by Robert Couse-Baker

think again by Ibrahim Iujaz

Where on Earth by Mark Bowman

Fly-Hy. by Nathan Hayag

Sitting on the dock (of the bay) by Álvaro

Golden light on a frosty morning by Christian Guthier

Sicily – Lights and shadows by Gianni Dominici

Protective shadow by Hamid Najafi

Shadow lines by dorena-wm

ghost in the meter by Jes

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The Ninja Cat looks awesome!

Jonathan Owen Photography

No 15 is excellent

john agust

Angles, lines, light, and shadows by Kevin Dooley is greaaaaaat. love love love

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