24 Sweet Pictures of Snails

Garden snails are one of the slowest creatures on the planet, which makes them relatively easy to photograph. There is a trade-off, though; while they’re patiently allowing you to photograph them, they may be munching on your prize flowers.

145/365²: Insignificante snail

145/365²: Insignificante by Andrés Nieto Porras


snail by maaddin

327/365: Caracol snails

327/365: Caracol by Andrés Nieto Porras

Love on the Rocks snails

Love on the Rocks by Anne Worner

cliffhanger snail

cliffhanger by Leo Grübler

Just so snail

Just so by Till Westermayer


Image by Carmen Escobar Carrio

Caracol snail

Caracol by Dani_vr

Escargot / Snail / Schnecke

Escargot / Snail / Schnecke by Didier

L'esploratore snail

L’esploratore by Carlo Mirante

Looking back, another year gone by snail

Looking back, another year gone by by abhijit chendvankar

Image snail

Image by Gabriel González

Snail #2

Snail #2 by Mike Keeling


snail-face by Dennis

love of snails

love of snails by W H

Una de caracoles. One of snails.

Una de caracoles. One of snails. by Gabriel González

marigold snail

marigold by jenny downing

slow food snail

slow food by jenny downing

Image snail

Image by 55Laney69

Snails Pace

Snails Pace by Louise Docker


Snail by James Whitesmith

salutation snail

salutation by jenny downing

Big bloody apple, this... snail

Big bloody apple, this… by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

Explore snail

Explore by Gabriel González

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