25 Adorable Photos of Animals Munching on Lunch

Animals are cute–there’s no doubt about that. And they are often at their cutest when they’re absorbed in what they’re eating. From munching on what they’re supposed to, to eating what they’re not (your camera film, for one), here are 25 adorable pictures of animals eating.

cat film eating

Cats against analog photography by Kevin Dooley

dog puppy eating chewing

Baxter commenting on the rules by Tim Simpson

guinea pig eating

Guinea pig doing what they do best by Darren Johnson

red panda eating

«Bambooooo is sooooo goooood!» by Tambako The Jaguar

lemur eating

«You also want some?» by Tambako The Jaguar

Fruit Loop squirrel chipmunk eating

Fruit Loop by Ed Schipul

squirrel eating

Chowdown Closeup by Tomi Tapio K

jaguar cat eating

These Bristles – They Have a Flavour by Nick Jewell

guinea pig eating

Kina-chan munching cilantro by shimown

camel eating

hunger by Montse PB

hamster eating

Give me more! by Jannes Pockele

raccoon eating

Raccoon eating fruits by Tambako The Jaguar

hamster eating

hamster by 紫流

sheep eating

a hungry sheep by Bartosz Makara

ibex goat eating

Ibex with funny facial expression by Tambako The Jaguar

kitten cat eating

Kitten food by Mikael Tigerström

goat eating

Goat Chewing Grass!!! by Natesh Ramasamy

hamster eating grape

Hamster Mike by Marina Avila

goat eating

Hey – look what I won! by John Haslam

camel carrot eating

Unta@Camel by Syed Abdul Khaliq

hamster gerbil eating

Boris still going strong by Su-May

prairie dog eating

Grass is good for you by Tambako The Jaguar

rabbit eating bunny

Njam Njam ! by Jannes Pockele

dog chewing eating

Dodge by Jlhopgood

cat eating

yum, flowers! by Tommy Hemmert Olesen

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Hermeneanu Valter

Cute animals.

Saundra Tate

Great pics

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