25 Amazing Insect Pictures

Did you know there are over 1 million identified species of insects? You could pretty much spend your whole life photographing insects and not get bored or run out of material.

Lift Off

Lift Off by aussiegal

Lady le Borage

Lady le Borage by Danny Perez Photography


Proboscis by Stavros Markopoulos


Sen by Hamed Saber


SaltaMonte by HVargas

Dragonfly mechanics

Dragonfly mechanics by Stavros Markopoulos

I'm thirst.....

I’m thirst….. by Matthew Fang


jelly by silviaON

Ladybird in crocus

Ladybird in crocus by nutmeg66


Amen! by Taro Taylor

The Face of Anger

The Face of Anger by Dr. Wendy Longo

Red and Orange Butterfly

Red and Orange Butterfly by Gaetan Lee

spittle bug

spittle bug by Dave Campbell

butterfly on green background

butterfly on green background by Raimy

White death awaits in a fiery pit

White death awaits in a fiery pit by Stavros Markopoulos

Green Bug

Green Bug by Danny Perez Photography

Bald-faced hornet

Bald-faced hornet by Eric Bégin

Spotted cucumber beetle

Spotted cucumber beetle by Jack Wolf

Transparent Butterfly

Transparent Butterfly by Greg Foster


460 by Giuss95

Don't bug me!

Don’t bug me! by Matthew Kirkland


Insect by Paulo Brandao


The House Fly! by Vinoth Chandar


Bumble Bee by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel


image by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

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  1. Adam

    Nice photo’s. Inspires me to go out and use my camera :)

  2. Anna Patrick

    Wow, they look so scary! Always wondered what if… they were our size! Thanks for posting, it’s a really inspiring post!

  3. John

    Would love to know what gear you used…specifically the lens! Great pics!!!

  4. Antonio Mérida

    Impresionante colección de macros, enhorabuena y saludos.

  5. olivia

    wow pics are great and i am very inspired with all the comments you wrote 9:

  6. john esposito

    wonderful photo’s I love shooting insects too always a challenge to find and shoot but so much fun and worth it when you get shots like these……well done

  7. Robert

    Ah.. My favorite subjects. Best part is, if you take the time to look, you don’t even have to leave your back yard.

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