25 Brilliant Pictures of Blue

Shoes, eyes, sweatshirts; the list of things that are amazing in a shade of blue go on and on. Blue is one of those colors that belongs everywhere, and has a place in every season and memory. Here are 25 brilliant pictures of blue.


Untitled by d3b...*

Blue Hotel

Blue Hotel by John Keane

Three Sleepless Nights

Three Sleepless Nights by Eric Albee

Faded Blue

Faded Blue by Sthetic

Mélissa Laveaux: First Class

Mélissa Laveaux: First Class by Lali Masriera

...And Also in Blue!

...And Also in Blue! by Tambako the Jaguar

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes by Tetsumo

Hands in the Air

Hands in the Air by marfis75


Espejo by Agustín Ruiz

Television is Garbage

Television is Garbage by Matt

Sex Pistols: Something Else

Sex Pistols: Something Else by Lali Masriera

The Most Serene Republic: Stay Ups

The Most Serene Republic: Stay Ups by Lali Masriera

The Submarines: Maybe

The Submarines: Maybe by Lali Masriera


Blue by liz west

Blue Water

Blue Water by Fox Kiyo

Blue Flower

Blue Flower by christina rutz

#1 From Coffee Run

#1 From Coffee Run by Darwin Bell

A View From the Ground

A View From the Ground by Darwin Bell

Hong Kong Rainstorm

Hong Kong Rainstorm by Kevin Utting

Blue Bird

Blue Bird by Kristin & Jordan Hayman

Blue Day

Blue Day by Stefano Mortellaro

Done for the Season

Done for the Season by Andrew Morrell


Clean by Stefano Mortellaro

Enduro West

Enduro West by Kai Schreiber


Sweater by Sleeping Sun

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