25 Cool Pictures of Cats in the Snow

Usually, dogs are the pets you imagine frolicking and running in the snow, but cats also venture outside into the snow. Depending on the cat’s personality, it may thoroughly enjoy walking through the snow. Other cats are more hesitant and tend to complain, as if the weather did something without their permission. Either way, cats in the snow are fun to photograph.

Oskar running in the snow I

Oskar running in the snow I by Tambako The Jaguar

cat in snow

Oskar running in the snow V by Tambako The Jaguar

cat in snow

Lionel in Snow – British Shorthair cat (white with lilac points) by Stephen Whitehead

Schneekatze - snow cat

Schneekatze – snow cat by Barbara

snow cat

Snow Patrol by Serena

My beloved little tiger on the snow

My beloved little tiger on the snow by Umberto Salvagnin

Flying Cat

Flying Cat by Rob Lee

snow bunny kitty

snow bunny kitty by Shannon Kringen

snow cat

Just like a cheetah… by Charlotte Claeson

snow cat

Billy Bob… by Lucie Provencher

cat in snow

CatSkiing by ColKorn1982

cat in snow

Winterimpressionen I by Barbara

cat snow

You lookin’ at me? by Dina-Roberts Wakulczyk

cat in snow

Tassarna fulla med snö by Charlotte Claeson

cats in snow

Searching for Aslan by Serena

Snow Cat

Snow Cat by Nikki

cat in snow

Luna Picture 46. by Martijn Nijenhuis

cat snow

Mine, this snow is all mine!! by Rosana Prada

cat in snow

If i put my foot here? by Chris Isherwood

cat snow

Gillie in the snow by Dwight Sipler

cat in snow

Hop Scotch by Serena

cat in snow

Katwalk by Serena

cat in snow

Snowtime – The snow must go on! by Barbara

cat on snow

Schnee ist alle! – snow has gone! by Barbara


Giotto by Polda2 (Sabrina)

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Janet Warren

These photos are wonderful! They made me smile. I love cats and just lost my beloved kitty of 17 years! I am missing my Lacey so much! Thanks for the smile. : ) Jan

Stephen Whitehead

Thanks for including my photo of my cat Lionel (and the credit). Sadly he passed away but this is my most viewed/liked photo on Flickr – so his beauty lives on for more to appreciate.

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