25 Great Examples of Motion Blur Photography

Motion blur photography is the streaking of moving objects in a still photograph caused by either rapid movement or long exposure. Here are a few great examples to inspire you to keep your shutter open just a little longer.


Subway… by Thomas Leuthard

Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be a Long, Long Time)

Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To Be a Long, Long Time) by peasap

Monkey King

Monkey King by Jonathan Kos-Read

Panning around

Panning around by Damianos Chronakis

In the Clouds

In the Clouds by Shane Gorski


crossing by Robert S. Donovan

romantic train

romantic train by michael davis-burchat


4:23 by Jesse Millan

motion blur

image by Tony Eccles

slot machine

Slot Machine by Jeff Kubina

happy rider

happy rider by Tinou Bao

Ice Skating in Central Park

Ice Skating in Central Park by vishwaant avk

motion blur

image by Tim@creighton

rotating lights

rotating lights by Creativity103

Chin Picnic Bike Race Canada Day 2013

Chin Picnic Bike Race Canada Day 2013 by Brian Carson


Relaxation by Meagan

Motion blur

Motion blur by John

Medio Marathon

Medio Marathon by José Juan Figueroa

slow shutter practice

Slow Shutter Practice by Angie Harms

rake twist

rake twist by Petras Gagilas

Happy Birthday Maggie

Happy Birthday Maggie by Bill Selak


bra by Travis Swan

Ferris Wheel Blurred Motion

Ferris Wheel Blurred Motion by Brent Moore


speedy by Dave Young

summer waterfalls

summer waterfalls by Charlie Marshall

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