25 Lovely Portraits from Emily Roper

Emily Roper is a 24-year-old photographer and video artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. Her work is inspired by many things: light, color, music and people. She will often head out on an adventure with just herself, her camera, and a model and let the ideas flow as they shoot.

She has been running her photography business Clipic for almost three years now, and she fills her time shooting client work for Clipic along with working as a freelancer in the film and television industry in New Zealand.

To see more of Emily’s work, check out her website, Facebook, and Flickr Photostream.

Emily Roper26

Emily Roper25

Emily Roper24

Emily Roper23

Emily Roper22

Emily Roper21

Emily Roper20

Emily Roper19

Emily Roper18

Emily Roper17

Emily Roper16

Emily Roper15

Emily Roper14

Emily Roper13

Emily Roper12

Emily Roper11

Emily Roper10

Emily Roper9

Emily Roper7

Emily Roper6

Emily Roper5

Emily Roper4

Emily Roper3

Emily Roper2

Emily Roper1

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