25 Morning Breakfast Cereal Pictures

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the most delicious. These cereal pictures will inspire you to get up a bit earlier to capture your morning breakfast moments.

a hardy bowl of cheerios

a hardy bowl of cheerios by Y'amal

Corn Flake Cereal with Blueberries

Corn Flake Cereal with Blueberries by Michael Johnson

Good Morning!

Good Morning! by kelsey_lovefusionphoto

Breakfast light

Breakfast light by David Roessli

a breakfast cereal travesty

a breakfast cereal travesty by Ian Langworth

Project 366 21/366

Project 366 21/366 by TheSussman (Mike)

cereal intoxication

cereal intoxication by maya sayre


Loops by Kate Sumbler

easy, breezy. sunday.

easy, breezy. sunday. by Phil Hilfiker

Breakfast AND lunch

Breakfast AND lunch by Kendra


Puffs by Jake Bellucci

Trix are for Kids

Trix are for Kids by Chris Metcalf


Life by Amancay Maahs

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms by Steve Winton

Honey Combs

Honey Combs by DOT


Untitled by minato

By Dawn's Early Light

By Dawn's Early Light by Wes Peck

Gotta Have My Pops!

Gotta Have My Pops! by DOT

Manchester, England.

Manchester, England. by Nathan Makan

A healthy start

A healthy start by Luigi Anzivino

Cap'n Crunch Berries Cereal

Cap'n Crunch Berries Cereal by Barb Watson

The Most Important Meal of the Day

The Most Important Meal of the Day by Kim

I hate digging for the prize.

I hate digging for the prize. by Ѕolo

I'm Addicted...

I'm Addicted... by Matthew Niemi

O Cap'n! My Cap'n!

O Cap'n! My Cap'n! by Patrick T

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Lisa Kerr

Hey!! There was a really, really cool picture of breakfast cereal that was made up of little stormtrooper heads (from star wars) I’m sorry I do not remember the artist’s name, but I found it on Deviant Art. It was the best picture of breakfast cereal I have ever seen! (DeviantArt. Com)


Wow! I can’t believe how colourful (not necessarily in a good way!) American cereals are! I immediately thought of Calvin’s “Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs”!

Google “storm trooper cereal” for that pic. It’s pretty funny.

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