25 Pictures of Rice Paddy Fields

Rice is the most important staple food on the planet. It provides more than 20% of the calories eaten worldwide, more than any other grain, and can be grown almost anywhere, as long as there’s enough water. Rice paddies are a fascinating travel photography subject because they have so much diversity. They can be trenched into a steep mountain or stretched out like a marsh on a flat plain, and they’re as popular in Asia as they are in African countries such as Madagascar and Sierra Leone. Here are 26 great pictures of rice paddy fields throughout the world.

Rice Fields

Rice Fields by Christina Oliver

Rice is Nice

Rice is Nice by Brent Clark

Rhythmic Field

Rhythmic Field by DreamsinApril

Rice Paddies in Sapa, Vietnam

Rice Paddies in Sapa, Vietnam by Mirah Curzer

the rice field

the rice field by remi padowski

the rice grows

Reflection #2: The Rice Grows by Angie Harms

PhoTones Works rice paddy

PhoTones Works #026 by Takuma Kimura

Korean Rice Paddies

Korean Rice Paddies by Don O’Brien

Fields of gold rice harvest

Fields of gold… harvest by spisharam

rice paddy myanmar

Easy Riders by Alex Schwab

Sierra Leone rice paddy

Sierra Leone by Steve Evans

Sakura Rice Fields

Sakura Rice Fields by Patrik Jones

Vanishing point rice field

Vanishing point by Ghost of Kuji

rice field

Thirty by Patrik Jones

Rice Planters

Rice Planters by Shubert Ciencia

Rice Field Gate

Field Gate by Rocky Lubbers

rice paddy field

Image by jojo nicdao

rice field

rice field by FooNar

Help me find my contact lens! rice field

Help me find my contact lens! by Dennis Jarvis

Madagascar rice paddy field

Madagascar by Steve Evans

Green Carpet rice paddy field

Green Carpet by Riza Nugraha 

illuminated rice paddy field

illuminated by Vinoth Chandar

snow in rice field

snow*last spring(not winter) by Naomi Ibuki

Rice Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold by momo

rice paddy field

明日香村 by takato marui

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maria thereza de barros camargo
maria thereza de barros camargo

Stephanie, I thank you for introducing me to rice fields. I never had the opportunity to see it as you showed it to me. It’s priceless this knowledge. May God bless you with the same blessings you gave me: understanding!

from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lorna Worrie

Awesome. I have never seen rice fields photos like that before now. Thank you. thank you

from Jamaica, West Indies

Marty Eaton

Nice pictures. I have never seen rice fields with this good of a quality of pictures. I grow rice in the united states in Arkansas. Arkansas has more rice than any state in the U.S. We have about 3 million acres in Arkansas but it is all on big farms of 1000 to 8000 acres or so. All big tractors and combines. It is nice to see how most of the world farms in comparison to us.
Thank You !

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