25 Pictures with an Amazing Vanishing Point Perspective

In order to create an illusion of depth in photography, you need perspective. One way to create perspective is by using a vanishing point, or two. The vanishing point is situated, say, infinite miles away and the lines in your picture are moving towards that point, making it look like your bridge, road, fence, tunnel is infinitely long. (If you want inspiration on how to use the lines going to the vanishing point, take a look at our Leading Lines post.)

vanishing point by paul (dex)

Headed DOWN at St. John’s Wood, London by Ian Muttoo

passagen #2 by Jes

Athènes – Plaka – 19-03-2007 – 7h37 by Panoramas

The road to Offen 2 by Jason

Summer field by b k

El muelle by David Oliva

Where are the stairs? by Yogendra Joshi

Lisboa / Lisbon / Lissabon by Bert Kaufmann

Repetição by Francisco Antunes

The cells at Dachau by Southbanksteve

Atomium Escalator by Harald Hoyer

Vanishing Point by Bruce

Railroad weeds by Kevin Dooley


Bridge Crossing by Tony Lam

Paris – La Villette – Géode – 9-06-2007 – 19h04 by Panoramas

O’hare by Andrew E. Larsen

She’s right on track by Bert Kaufmann

Rural electricity by Kevin Dooley

road by mike138

Contact by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

Hope by karolgrafik

Power to the people by Kevin Dooley

Notre Dame de Paris – 9-06-2006 – 7h20 by Panoramas

The Long Road by Corey Leopold

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