25 Wonderful Pictures of Red Winter Berries

Ilex verticillata, also known as holly or winterberry, is a godsend to nature photographers in winter. Contrasted against the stock winter colors of gray, white and black, it looks fantastic.

This way wonderland red berries

This way wonderland by Raceytay

Little Red Berry

Little Red Berry by OneDecember

Always move towards pain

Always move towards pain by Raceytay

December Dream

December Dream by Elle Moss

White with red

White with red by EvasPhotogarden

Red Berries

Red Berries by Jane Heller

Berries II

Berries II by Jane Heller

Coral berries

Coral berries by Lupen Grainne

Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree by sparksoffire

Weeping Berries

Weeping Berries by jude McConkey

I Wonder as I Wander

I Wonder as I Wander by Carolyn Cochrane


Marzipan by Elle Moss

Icy encrusted berries

Icy encrusted berries by Raceytay

Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit Elle Moss

Winter Berries

Winter Berries by funflash

Winter berries

Winter berries by bomobob

Memory of Early Spring

Memory of Early Spring by Joanna Kapica

berries in winter frost

berries in winter frost by sparksoffire

Red Winter Berries in Snow

Red Winter Berries in Snow by D. Sharon Pruitt

the holly bears the crown

the holly bears the crown by jenny downing


winterberries by liz west

frozen nandina

frozen nandina by Lori C.

More Frosty Berries

More Frosty Berries by Nana B Agyei

Frost and berries (Winter solstice)

Frost and berries (Winter solstice) by Nic McPhee

Red cold

Red cold by Jonas Ahrentorp

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  1. Joanna's Foto

    What an amazing feature! I feel honored to have my print presented among these wonderful photographs!
    Thank you!

  2. Jan Warren

    Beautiful photos for Christmas and Winter!

  3. Olga GGolubew

    Amazing pictures! thank you for sharing!

  4. Jo Greenwood

    Beautiful. I could look at your blog all day long!

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