25 Wonderful Wet Road Pictures

Rain is awesome, especially on streets. After a shower, the roads begin to reflect lights or the sky. It can also give that extra-grim look to black and white photography. So the next time you’re stuck inside because it’s raining, think of the great photo opportunities you’ll have afterwards.

Calles mojadas... by Alejandro Lopez

encounter by Bill Ohl

wet_walk by eric wittman

This umbrella never works right by Nate Bolt

Wet Road by Ian Carroll

Wet Road on Curvy by fauxto_digit

Wet streets at night by The World According To Marty

Dark alley by Iouri Goussev

Wet Road by Andy Armstrong

298/365 - Rushing By by Abby

Wet by John Morgan

wet seventh by D'Arcy Norman

Komedia Red Neon Glow by Dominic Alves

Street Beat by Joel Bedford

Day 69: The Streets, Plowed by Allen Skyy

Here's somethin' 'bout the way the street looks when it's just rained . . . by Nishanth Jois

portebello road by Cesare

bond street by Tim Snell

Shiney streets: Seattle, from high above on beacon hill by Wonderlane

Downtown Lights by Adam Baker

Wet streets of Berlin by Leo, The Soundmonster!

Maple leaf on the wet road by urawa

10 by tup wanders

Wet Street, Cuba 1998 by Jerry Garcia

Wet Tarmac by Keving Utting

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David Bise

Street Beat by Joel Bedford is beautiful

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