25 Wonderful Wild Mushroom Pictures

With their large caps and slender stems, wild mushrooms can sometimes look like small forest people, hiding in the grass or bundled up together in groups. Whether they’re dancing to Tchaikovsky or just standing silently for a photographer, the peculiar appearance of mushrooms continues to be a source of inspiration, imagination and beauty.

wild mushrooms

wilderness by Chantel Beam

Gnome Forest Mushroom

Gnome Forest Mushroom by Keesha Davis


Mushroom by Machel Spence

Orange mushroom

Orange mushroom by Galina and Silvio

Tiny Mushrooms in the Forest

Tiny Mushrooms in the Forest by Sonya Kanelstrand


Toadstool by Deborah


Mushrooms by Cliff Sperandeo

Tiny Russula Mushroom in the Grass

Tiny Russula Mushroom in the Grass by Sonya Kanelstrand

Tiny Mushroom

Tiny Mushroom by Lisa Achter


Toadstool 2 by Deborah


Mushroom by Apollo Images

Mushroom Cascade

Mushroom Cascade by Corrine E.

Baby Mushroom

Baby Mushroom by ParisBrest


Mushroom by The Story Bench

Mushrooms Caught in the Sunset

Mushrooms Caught in the Sunset by Eric Johnson

Magic Mushrooms in the Faery Forest

Magic Mushrooms in the Faery Forest by Andrea Meredith


Mushroom by Pen Waggener


Toadstool by Hiroyuki Takeda

Galerina marginata

Galerina marginata by jacinta lluch valero

red mushrooms

Image by peardg

Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms by Matt

Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms by Matt

Champignon - 87/365 jours by

Champignon – 87/365 jours

Fungus Family

Fungus Family by GollyGforce


Bowl O’ Fungus Mmmmm by GollyGforce

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  1. maria thereza de barros camargo

    Congratulations! Excellent photos!

  2. N.K.Tiwari

    very good photographs of nature

  3. Elmira

    amazing.Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful photos,I feel great,looking at them makes me feel like I have listened to a divine piece of music.a very nice job.

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